Best Sweet Love Quotes Ever

Best Sweet Love Quotes Ever: 
1.When you love someone, don’t make them love you as much as you do. But love them so much that they don’t want to be loved by anyone except you.

2.It’s painful to think you will never be mine but it is even more painful to realize I knew all the time.

3.Love is when a boy walks to the other side of the classroom to sharpen his pencil, just to see her and then realize that he is holding a ball pen.

4.A girl wanted a ring, but the boy gave a teddy bear instead. In anger the girl threw the bear on road. The boy went to take it back but was hit by a car and in between he died. At his funeral, the girl hugged a bear hard and the machine spoke, will you marry me? The ring is in my pocket. Love is always precious.

5.A sensible proposal for a boy to a beautiful girl. Hey angel. I am not forcing you to love me but don’t let love be the reason for hating me.

6.Please don’t come one more time in front of me. Otherwise I will trust you again

7.A flight steering through the clouds suddenly lost its balance. The passenger knew it. A professional sitting near a small boy gripped by fear praying to god each time the plane hit an air pocket, but the boy nearby was playing with toys. Somehow the plane landed safely. Out of curiosity, the man asked the boy, how is that when all others elder to you were filled with fear and panic, you were happy? The boy replied: my father is the pilot knew that he will land me safely. Love is trust.

8.Who will cry when you die? Who will die when you cry? Simple question but if you have someone as the answer you are the luckiest person.

9.True love can’t identify soon but when you lose it you will feel and cry for the person to the whole life.

10.Love is not a life but, there is no life without love. I don’t say to fall in love, but I am saying to feel the love.

11.Girl and boy are seen crying together when asked why? Girl said: my doll has broken and boy says “I am crying because my doll is crying”

12.If no one hurts you, you won’t feel what love is.

13.A cute husband love quote to express his wife: even my child too started to walk without any support but my wife still feels to hold my hand while walking.

14.The flowers I gave you have died been lost and thrown away just like me.

15.What is real love? When there are 3 mangoes and members are 4. Mom says I don’t like mango. That’s true love.

16.Love is like giving a gun to someone having it pointed at your heart and trusting them to never pull the trigger, but sadly most of the times they do it.

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