Philosophical Quotes,Philosophical Sayings,Philosophical Messages

Philosophical Quotes,Philosophical Sayings,Philosophical Messages:

1.) Knowledge is knowing what to do, Skill is knowing how to do, But, Common sense is knowing when to do.

2.) Self control is knowing you can. But deciding you won’t.

3.) Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Think of this and start your day….

4.) GODISNOWHERE, Read this line slowly and carefully. It can be read in two ways. God is now here and God is no where. Be positive…

5.) To meet and depart is the way of life. , to depart and meet is the hope of life. , We meet to create memories. , We depart to preserve it. , This is life..

6.) Don’t be like the hand that crushes the flower. Be like the flower that leaves its fragrance even on the hand that crushes it.

7.) No one has crossed the roads of success without crossing the roads of failure. God never promised us an easy journey in life but a safe arrival.

8.) Keep the smile   leave the tear…. , Think of joy   forget the fear…, Hold the laugh   leave the pain…, Be joyous   till we meet again…

9.) What's the fastest thing on earth? , Answer: , Bullet , jet , light , human mind , Na … its prayer , it will reach god even before u say it.

10.) God answers prayers in three ways..   He says YES and gives u what u want   He says NO and gives something better   He says WAIT and gives u the best in life in his own time.

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