Poems on Republic Day of India,Republic Day of India Poems,Poems About Republic Day of India,Happy Republic Day Poetry in English,Happy Republic Day Poetry in Hindi

Poems on Republic Day of India:

Happy Republic Day Poetry in English

So 2feel the patriotism nd dedicationz-
of those sacrifice that our-
freedom fighters made-
here r sum of the wshes-
dat vil enlighten ths sprt in u-

Happy Republic Day Poetry in Urdu

Freedom in Mind-
Faith in Wrds-
Pride in our Heart-
Memories in our Souls-
Lets Salute di Nation on-

Happy Republic Day Poetry in Hindi

Karo yaad tum oon veeron ko,
jinki sarhad par jaan gayi.
karo yaad oon baalaon ko,
jinki iss ran mein aan gayi.
karo yaad oon mataaon ko,
jinke apane priya sut khoye.
karo yaad oon behano ko,
jo rakshabandhan par sheyein.
lahoo baha kar simaaon par,
aman chain ka fool khilaaya.
apane praano ki bali dekar,
Bharat maa ka maan badhaya.
sarahad par mar mitane waale,
ajar amar sab ho jayenge,
mar ka bhi hum inn veeron ka,
kaise karz chuka paayenge.

Happy Republic Day Poetry in English

Color my heart, into tricolor
Left one with orange
Gives me courage and trained me to do sacrifice
Right one is filled with green
Have faith and make others one
Where ever when I go, the taste of happiness
Always found
And O God please fills
White into middle
that I can passage a feast of
Calm and peace
And never let down to any one in my reach
Please fill these tricolors on me
Please fill this tricolor on me
Vande Matram
-Sujata Mishra
Happy Republic Day

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