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Christmas Star - Origins And Trivia:

The stars appear in the sky today are the same as those two thousand years ago. Is there a nova at the time of the birth of Jesus? The exact time of his birth is not known, but astronomers can not place a new star appearance anywhere near possible. Could it have been a shooting star? Again, astronomers say it was unlikely. A meteor lasts only a few seconds or minutes at most. The sages followed the star for weeks in search of Jesus. We can not exclude comets as well. They can be seen with the naked eye for a week or month. But modern astronomers know that comets were close enough to the earth and hundreds of thousands of years and there was no comet visible to humans around the time of the birth of Christ.

Some star gazers suggest that if we spend the birth of Jesus in the spring of 6 BC, we can assign the star both planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn were close together in the heavens. They formed a triangle in the group of stars known as Pisces.

Sages, they were astrologers and studied the stars and planets, and knew by the Jewish rabbis, triangle and he appeared before the birth of Moses. Maybe they have interpreted as a sign of a great event in the country of the Jewish people. This may be the star of Bethlehem. Fish became the particular constellation of the Hebrew people.

However, many people prefer to believe that the strange star appeared, and it was simply a miracle in today's world, the Christian festival has usually begun with the appearance of the first star of Christmas .

The Star Festival is held in Poland. Just after lunch on Christmas Eve, the village priest, acting as "Star Man" and tests children's knowledge of religion. In Alaska, boys and girls carry a star-shaped figure from house to house and sing songs in hopes of receiving treats. In Hungary, a star-shaped pattern is carved in a half an apple and is supposed to bring good luck.

In general, the Christmas star symbolizes high hopes and high ideals - hope for good fortune, hope for reaching above oneself. For all human beings, regardless of their religion, the stars have a special meaning to all share the heavens, regardless of the obstacles that separate them from the earth.

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