What Is Christmas

What Is Christmas?
As I begin, I have a simple but profound question for you: "What is Christmas?"

Everyone has an opinion on this subject, and most think they are right. After all, it is only a question three text that should be easy, if not child-like ability to respond. Yet, the facts speak for most Americans today have either a generic interjection to the question that was drilled into the head of childbirth or simply have not a clear and intelligible.

To examine for a moment, you might think that Christmas is all about "family." But on critical thinking, we must say that this really is a very lame response. The reason? Because, should it not about the "family" the other 364 days of the year? That Christmas is all about "family" is to update, if not neglect, and all other special moments and dignified throughout the year. In this mixed-up world, because it is only about the "family" in the heart of many people a few days of the year, unfortunately this is why prisons and divorce courts are filled every day .

Still others say that Christmas is about "giving" and "giving of oneself." This, too, is very cheap phrasing and prose. This is really because very few people in this world today is anything without the expectation of something in return.

For example, among many Christian believers it is found that they "give of themselves" for the hope came from heaven or some sort of blessing from above. Not to interrupt the theology of the people, but I never read where Jesus fought in the bazaar Black Sabbath to hang an agreement, or fought with her parents for her gifts under a fig tree lit. Jesus taught "you refuse and take up your cross," not "give yourself to receive what I think I deserve." (Ouch!)

For more secular world, the common gift-giver expects a kind of token or recognition of their generosity. If they are not, they feel cheated and contemplate not give them a gift next year. For example, have you ever played "Dirty Santa" and then get the "ugly" gift? Did you feel blessed or even grateful to receive something, or was a reproach found on your lips after?

Exactly! I proved my point.

There are many other examples I could use, and I know that this kind of thinking, if it is charged, is usually found either denial or extreme rage. Most do not want to think that they might be lacking in something, especially at Christmas time. People love to see themselves as beautiful, kind and charitable, and to a large extent, they usually are.

But to really guarantee this question "What is Christmas?" You have to look in a different light.
And if it were your last Christmas, the last you'll ever see or celebrate?
How would you act?
What would you do?

If you knew you were going to die before the end of next year, how much would you celebrate this Christmas? How many songs do you sing? How many other parties and gatherings you attend? What gift would you give? How would you be more charitable? I know these questions seem like those made by the pushy insurance salesmen or funeral directors, but seriously ... What if?

Christmas is a very different significance and meaning to the horrible thought that it could be removed. Is it then really matter if you have not received the gift you wanted? Is it then really matter if you do not receive the bonus check or vacation time that you feel you deserve? Traditionally, this is known worldwide as the "time to give" and "time sharing", again in 2012, for too many, it is only the time of the "ingratitude and of the complaint."

To answer the question: "What is Christmas?" Christmas is love. Love that the Savior would not leave his glorious throne eventually deteriorate first in a manger called a crib and a bloody cross, so that people across generations may know true love, peace and joy in the gift of his sacrifice.
In truth, the word "sacrifice" is rarely talked about in 2012.

People have lost their jobs throughout the land, but where is YOUR sacrifice Christmas? Children are starving found without adequate clothing or shoes without proper shelter or warmth in America. Yes ... America! But where is your Christmas? You could live another 70 years, but there are children and elderly who will die this year without knowing the love of Christmas! The Spirit of Christmas oneself shame that many say they have in their hearts. You really say that actions speak louder than Christmas words and gifts.

Now wait a minute!

Factually it must be said that there is plenty of help and kindness throughout our land, especially this time of year. As Scrooge rightly observed, "Is there no hospitals? Are there no prisons? "However, Ebenezer real words but apparently vile world today would sound like," Is there no fruit baskets? There is no collection of toys? Are there no charities? After all, why should it matter what happens to someone else as I get my iPad? "The true meaning of Christmas is apparently always someone else's responsibility in 2012.

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