New Year's Resolutions Quotes

New Year's Resolutions Quotes:
1.Many people look forward to the new year for a new start on old habits.

2.A New Year's resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other.

3.Never tell your resolution beforehand, or it's twice as onerous a duty.
John Selden

4.The new year begins in a snow-storm of white vows.
George William Curtis

5.New Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
Mark Twain

6.Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account.
Oscar Wilde

7.But can one still make resolutions when one is over forty? I live according to twenty-year-old habits.
Andre Gide

8.One resolution I have made, and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.
John Burroughs

9.May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions.
Joey Adams

10.He who breaks a resolution is a weakling;
He who makes one is a fool.
F.M. Knowles

11.I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's.
Henry Moore

12.I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a daily event for me.
Anaïs Nin

13.New Year's Resolution: To tolerate fools more gladly, provided this does not encourage them to take up more of my time.
James Agate

14.New year, same goal.
Joe King

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