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Republic Day Speech for Children:

 Republic Day of India is back and the citizens of the country are busy organizing for the 62nd year of the event. Every year, January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day in India to honor January 26, 1950, Constitution of India came into existence. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm and patriotism in the country. This is the day when India became a sovereign, democratic and republic. Today, not only schools and educational institutions, but also residents Welfare Association (RWA), corporate offices and apartment communities organize events for Republic Day celebration.

Republic Day Speech is regarded as an inspiring speech for every citizen, youth and children, who are the future of India. Year after year, President of India addresses the nation on the eve of Republic Day. Speech by Republic Day children in schools or apartment complexes is yet another attraction where they speak the same day, the saga of sacrifice in the struggle for Indian freedom and their views on the current and future India. If your child has a speech Republic Day for a hearing and you are looking for some points to prepare a speech for your little one, then here are some useful tips that can be considered.
1. Research on the topic
You can get information about Republic Day celebration from the Internet and gather some important points that your child can easily remember and present their speeches. You can add points on Indian history, struggles for freedom and sacrifice of the freedom fighters "for making India free from British rule.

2. Set the duration
It is important to know the time required / expected to speech so that you can prepare without the content being neither too little nor too long for your child to miss time. Think about how much time is needed for your child to provide useful information about the day to the public.

3. Format of speech
Every speech must have a certain style or format so that children can present their points easily. When you are helping your children in the Republic Day speech, divide the speech into three parts or paragraph where the initial part should cover greetings to audience or guests, then the introduction of the word which must include the subjects is Republic Day of India, and why we celebrate the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters. Second part or paragraph can be about the current state of India, then the conclusion can be with some interesting points like how you want to see future India and yes, remember to thank audience at the end of the speech.

4. Practical discourse
Once you have prepared the speech, let your child to read and practice it thoroughly. You can help to give a speech with gestures or actions to speak more interesting for the audience. Make sure your child does not speak hastily and ensure their voice or words are clearly audible. They understand the meaning of the speech they will deliver.
Repeat the word and if your child has problems memorizing the speech, prepare some keywords or key points so that they can remember seeing the word or point. Last but not least, the eye contact with the audience is recommended for the good word. You can guide your children in planning and rehearsing their speeches well.

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