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Sorry Quotes Friends
1. Sorry Is Not Your Defeat It Is Success Of
Your Relation So Don’t Hesitate To Say Sorry
To Your Friend With Open Heart.

2. Good Friends Are Like Stars….
You Don’t Always See Them, But You Know
They Are Always There?

3. The Best Kind of Friend Is the One You Could Sit On,
A Porch with Never Saying A Word And Walk Away Feeling,
Like That Was the Best Conversation You’ve Had.

Apology Quotes  Teacher
1. You Make Me A Real Human Through Your
Teachings. So I Am Really Sorry If I Ever
Make You Angry.

2. If I Were To Begin My Life Again,
I Should Want It As It Were. I Would Only
Open My Eyes A Little More.
Jules Renard

3. Children Are Like Wet Cement. Whatever
Falls On Them Makes An Impression.
Haim Ginott
Sorry Quotes Mother
1. My Mom Always Loves Me Even When There Is
No One My Mom Is Always Praying For Me.
I Am Sorry If I Ever Hurts You Mom

2. On Earth There Is Just One Shadow That
Is Mother Never Hurt Your Mother. I Am Very
Very Sorry If I Hurts You My Dear Mother.

3. “I Am Sorry, Mother. I Named Your Anger.
A Woman’s Anger Is Not Supposed To…”

Apology Quotes Boyfriend
1. A man is sorry to be honest for nothing.

2. I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.

3. Dear motorist on the information superhighway. I’m sorry I do not have a car.

4. Friendship isn’t a big thing – it’s a million little things.

5. There is a strength in the union of very sorry men.

6. It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.

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