World Laughter Day 2013

World Laughter Day 2013:

Sunday 5 May 2013
WHAT Day of laughter?

The first World Day of laughter took place January 11, 1998 in Mumbai, India by the creator of Laughter Yoga, Dr. Madan Kataria, with the goal of laughter for world peace. A huge success, the date was changed to the first Sunday in May and has been celebrated every year since. Laughter Clubs in over 60 countries now laugh at around 12 pm local time, sending a massive wave of laughter in the world! Here in the UK, Laughing Network members will be holding local events to which everyone is welcome. Please see the list of events on the left to find one near you!

Laughter unites us and is universally understood - it connects people, breaks barriers and promotes positivity, better health and happiness.

What happens?

World Day of Laughter Day include a laughter session with simple laughter exercises, inclusive and fun, and maybe a picnic, games, music or makeup. Everyone is invited to participate regardless of age, experience, physical fitness and mobility, and the more the merrier!


With busy schedules, pressures, demands, and sometimes very stressful life, laughter often takes a backseat. It is a day where everyone can laugh their priority, giving our own mind, body and health a huge boost, helping us to get more laughter in our lives and sending dose very positive energy in the world laugh!

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